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Based on the consideration of humanized operation, the switch, bluetooth indicator light and volume control are integrated into the "mountain power on". After the speaker is turned on, it becomes a volume controller, and the bluetooth signal light indicates the current working status. All operations are natural.

user manual
TreSound mini

Aluminum alloy cabinet with CNC & re-oxidation processes. TWS pairing & 360° surround sound. TTT customized speaker & TTT acoustic structure. Bluetooth 5.3 with dual DSP decoding & 5200mAh lithium battery. Four color selections & RGB light effects.

TreSound Q

Unrivaled in sound and light, a bold and wild delight. Gentle ambient lighting, IP67 dustproof and waterproof, Bluetooth 5.3, TWS stereo sound.

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"Traditional up and down opening and closing will make users often feel inconvenient in the process of taking out and placing discs"

We designed the upper cover as a rotating and sliding opening and closing. The upper cover can be fully opened without blocking it, which is novel and interesting but does not increase the difficulty of use.

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A minimalistic design that is both classical and timeless. An elegant piano paint finish that is 100% handcrafted. The 1.7kg heavy-duty cast iron platter features a black paint finish and an excellent anti-resonance characteristic. The base of the vinyl record player is made of solid hardwood. The 8kg weight makes it sturdy and solid as a rock. The pre-installed Audio-Technica MM (Moving Magnetic) cartridge perfectly restores the sound quality of the vinyl records. The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber tonearm is rigid and sturdy while maintaining its light and slim character. The stainless steel and brass spindle is manufactured within the tolerance of 0.001mm. Two types of connections: Bluetooth 5.0 and RCA, meet your needs in different situations. The aluminum alloy and silicone isolation feet successfully prevent resonances and vibrations. The streamline dust cover design is both functional and artistic.

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Pure Class-AVacuum Tube Power Amplifier. The Design of Double Eavesand Chinese Hipped Roof. TTT Self-developed Power Transformer(PT). Manual Scaffolding and Welding. TTT Optimizedthe Design of Circuit. Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Connection. Professional DAC Decoding. Power on Delay for 30 Seconds. Professional HiFi Terminal. Japanese ALPS Potentiometer.

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Integrated Aviation Aluminum Fuselage. 250W Toroidal Transformer. The Design of TTT with Feedback-free Circuit. Toshiba A1941/C5198 Transistors. The Design of Double Protection Circuit. Professional HiFi Terminals. Japanese ALPS Potentiometer

user manual
TreSound Side Table

CNC integrated molding with oxidation process. Acoustic design to reduce speaker resonance. Multiple uses, holds up to 50kg.