TRETTITRE is an emerging speaker brand dedicated to the new generation of HiFi. Building on traditional HiFi's sound quality and craftsmanship, it is based in tradition and reaching into the future.
TRETTITRE's goal is to always offer the best, reach unreasonable limits whatever means needed to achieve them, and ultimately deliver concert-like sound experiences. This is why TRETTITRE studies and analyzes the weak points, researches the causes, studies the problem, and proposes a solution. For over 10 years our engineers have kept developing new technologies from scratch to achieve their goals of quality. We have also adopted external technologies (e.g. Bluetooth wireless protocol) that we felt had proven their superiority and are able to enhance the convenience and performance of the listening experience. Every link in the chain, every device, and component, is the result of this wealth of knowledge and know-how.
A new TRETTITRE model takes many months or even years to go from initial concept to final product. Along the way, it is meticulously engineered and continuously refined until it meets our exacting standards. Then our employees' skilled handcraftsmanship is combined with our vast manufacturing capabilities to turn those designs into revered home audio products.

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