TRETTITRE T-LP8 Vinyl Record Players green
TRETTITRE T-LP8 Vinyl Record Players green

T-LP8_Nebula Green

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  • A minimalistic design that is both classical and timeless.
  • An elegant piano paint finish that is 100% handcrafted.
  • The 1.7kg heavy-duty cast iron platter features a black paint finish and an excellent anti-resonance characteristic. 
  • The base of the vinyl record player is made of solid hardwood. The 8kg weight makes it sturdy and solid as a rock.
  • The pre-installed Audio-Technica MM (Moving Magnetic) cartridge perfectly restores the sound quality of the vinyl records.
  • The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber tonearm is rigid and sturdy while maintaining its light and slim character. 
  • The TTT automatic tracking system and anti-skating control ensure the fidelity of the playback without anyadjustments. 
  • The TTT motor suspension structure features an exceptional damping characteristic, which effectively eliminates the resonance howling noise. 
  • The stainless steel and brass spindle is manufactured within the tolerance of 0.001mm.
  • Two types of connections: Bluetooth 5.0 and RCA, meet your needs in different situations.
  • 33/45 RPM Adjustment. Compatible with both 12in and 7in vinyl records.
  • The aluminum alloy and silicone isolation feet successfully prevent resonances and vibrations.
  • The streamline dust cover design is both functional and artistic.
  • Model: T-LP8
  • USB-C Input: 5V 1A
  • Speeds: 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Output: RCA
  • Turntable Platter: Die-cast Iron
  • Motor: DC Servo Motor
  • Drive Method: Belt Drive
  • Tonearm: One-piece Carbon Tonearm
  • Effective Lengtht: 219mm
  • Cartridge: Audio-technica MM ATN-3600L
  • Tracking Force Range: 2-2.5g
  • Material: Wooden Cabinet
  • Size: 350*450*115mm
  • Weight: 8kg

Beauty Is Timeless

Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

Vinyl Record, The Treasure Hidden in the Streaming Media Era.

Thomas Edison invited the vinyl record player in 1877. 140 years later, even though the vinyl days are long gone, it still rules the audio world with its irreplaceable benefits.

The strong sense of openness and on-site feeling of the vinyl record is far superior compared to other audio media like cassette, CD, and digital audio source.

Piano Paint Finish
Precisely Handcrafted
The high production cost not only reflects on the classical and fashionable look but also reflects on the true quality of the T-LP8 vinyl record player. Similar to the TreSound1 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker, T-LP8’s finish involves in 4 piano painting procedures and 13 polishing processes that are all hand-crafted by our skilled craftsmen.  That’s why our piano paint finish will look brand-new even after a century of wear and tear.
8kg of Heaviness
T-LP8 weighs 3-4 times heavier than the traditional plastic record players. We are especially generous with the material used on the vinyl record player. T-LP8 shares the same material used on the ancient gramophone – hardwood. The turntable base adopts a solid structural design that eliminates unnecessary spaces and voids. The heavy cast iron platter along with the non-slip felt mat and metal isolation feet effectively shuts off the external vibrations and reduces the unnecessary resonance to the minimum. The entire vinyl record player weighs 8kg, making it extremely sturdy and stable.
Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tonearm

The aluminum alloy one-piece carbon fiber tonearm offers superior stability and rigidity while is surprisingly light and slim.

Pre-Installed Audio-Technica MM (Moving Magnetic) Cartridge

Cast Iron Platter

Different than the traditional die-casted aluminum platter, T-LP8 adopts a 1.7kg cast iron platter that offers a better resonant resistance.

©TTT Automatic Tracking System

The tracking force and anti-skating control have been pre-calibrated on the T-LP8 vinyl record player. The newly designed tonearm system allows users to enjoy the perfectly tuned audio without any manual adjustments.

The precisely manufactured full-metal mechanical structure of the tracking system reduces the tracking errors and achieves a stable audio quality with minimum distortions. The stabilized tracking force can also extend the lifetime of the cartridge and stylus.

©TTT Motor Suspension Structure

A silicone damping layer is added to the newly designed precise electronic motor suspension system, further optimized its damping characteristic. 

The stainless-steel spindle and brass sleeve are manufactured within the tolerance of 0.001mm. 

The heavy and sturdy hardwood base effectively eliminates the mechanical noises generated by the vibration of the motor.

One Vinyl Record Player that Fits All Situations


T-LP8 is guaranteed to provide you the top-class audio output whether you are at home, in a coffee shop, or in a recording studio. 

Bluetooth 5.0

The best choice to balance between high quality audio and portability. The Bluetooth 5.0 can transmit audio signals up to around 10m.

RCA-3.5mm Output

External Speakers and amplifiers can be connected through the RCA/3.5mm port to achieve the ultimate sound quality.


An Elegant Dust Proof Solution

The streamline design allows the dust cover to match perfectly with the vinyl record player base. Even with the cover closed, T-LP8 still looks fashionable and futuristic, forming a sharp contrast with the traditional square-shaped dust cover.The black aluminum alloy control panel and the electroplated retro knobs give the vinyl record player a subtle and minimalistic look while make it easy to clean and maintain.

33/45 RPM Adjustment
T-LP8 is compatible with both 12in and 7in vinyl records. The vinyl record support rate can reach to 99%. You can easily switch between 33RPM and 45 RPM with a simple turn of the knob.

Metal Isolation Feet with Silicone Dampers

The aluminum alloy isolation feet feature silicone damping layers to isolate the vinyl record player from the platform surface. This not only ensures the horizontal level of the vinyl record player but also eliminates the external interference and resonance.

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