TreSound mini_GOLDEN

TreSound mini_GOLDEN

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Aluminum alloy cabinet with CNC & re-oxidation processes.

TWS pairing & 360° surround sound.

TTT customized speaker & TTT acoustic structure.

Bluetooth 5.3 with dual DSP decoding & 5200mAh lithium battery.

Four color selections & RGB light effects.

Model: TreSound mini

Input: USB-C 5V/3A

Capacity: 5200mAh

Charging Time: 2h

Bluetooth: 5.3

Speaker:1*1.0"Tweeter, 1*2.75"Woofer

Sound Direction: 360° Surround Sound 

Stereo Pairing: 1+N

Woofer Sensitivity: 83dB

Max SPL: >92dB

Frequency Response: 50Hz-20KHz (±3dB)

THD: <5%

RMS: 10w+20w

Material: Metal+ABS

Size: 168*168*252mm

Weight: 1kg

The Radiance of Sound
The Resilience of Metal

Unparalleled 360° Surround Sound

The secret of the 360° surround sound range is hidden in the metal net of TreSound mini. When the music is played, the sound, like light, is emitted in all directions. Transparent treble and full vocals flow in all directions to create a soundscape for total immersion in stereo sound.

Pure Metal Fuselage
Through the CNC and re-oxidation processes, the fuselage is far beyond the common scope.While the resilience of aviation aluminum ensures the strength of the fuselage, the acoustic characteristics effectively suppress negative resonance to present pure sound.
TTT Acoustic Structure
The cone-shaped guiding structure is like a diffusing sound wave, efficiently spreading high-frequency and mid-low-frequency sound waves 360° all around.When the music is played, light effects engage through a network of sounds.
TreSound mini
The Cornerstone of Sound

There is a 10w silk film neodymium magnetic tweeter and a 20w double neodymium magnetic woofer and 1 passive radiator.  Made by TTT to produce 360° surround sound.

TWS Stereo Pairing
Two devices can be paired into TWS left and right channel stereo, to experience being in the music scene.
Connect any TreSound Mini Bluetooth speakerr.Short press the pairing button on both speakers, and the devices will automatically pair.Upon successful pairing, there will be a prompt sound, and the speakers can remain paired after restarting.

Smart Intuitive Control

The top indicator light shows the switch and status of speaker. Long press for 2 seconds, the ambient light is on, creating a beautiful sense of ambiance.It is a balance between simplicity, practicality, and aesthetics.

10+ Hours* Battery Life 

Melt away anxiety.

*Data from TRETTITRE Laboratory, 50% playback volume test.

Bluetooth 5.3 & Dual DSP Decoding

The sound signal is transmitted stably and efficiently under the new Bluetooth 5.3 protocol, and with the hardware addition of dual DSP decoding, it can ensure accurate sound quality output.

Light Effects
Stir Up the Mood of the Music
Four Color Selections
Visual impact with different colors. Whether understated, passionate, or neutral, all styles can match.
Portable Packaging
The packing box was made by environmentally friendly material with an engaging design.

Customer Reviews

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When I first heard the tresound mini speaker, I was drawn to its sound quality and gold exterior. The sound quality of this speaker is very clear, and the volume can be adjusted to a very high level without distortion. Additionally, its gold exterior is very beautiful and can be well-matched with my home decor. I also love its portable design, which makes it easy to carry to outdoor activities. Overall, I really like the tresound mini speaker and highly recommend it to anyone in need of a high-quality speaker.