Peerless. Wireless.


Sound Meets Form

Inspiration comes from the mountains as reflected in the design's shape and ability to call the soul. The mountain design includes tweeters and full-range speakers to ensure the sound quality and avoid reflections. The large volume of the valley provides enough space for the booming woofers. The mountain design fits the principles of speaker design.

Unparalleled 360° Surround Sound

The secret of the 360° surround sound range is hidden in the peak of TreSound1. When the music is played, the sound, like light, is emitted in all directions.

Transparent treble and full vocals flow in all directions to create a soundscape around you for total immersion in stereo sound.

In Harmony With The Origin of Sound
Plastic is not used because it is the enemy of high fidelity sound. It is good wood that makes good sound. TRETTITRE's team of craftsmen have, for over 50 years, sourced high-density wood from the Nordic mountains, carefully selecting it to meet the standards of HiFi acoustic chamber design. Elegant yet inviting, this is the experience we strive to achieve.

3-Way Speaker Design

Drawing from more than 30 years of HiFi speaker experience from acoustic engineers, we applied HiFi speaker technology to TreSound1. The speaker structure adopts a 3-way speaker design with 2.1 channel speaker system. In the cabinet, we isolate the high frequency, mid frequency and low frequency into three compartments, and use the bass reflex design to avoid sound wave attenuation and acoustic short circuit. It also maximizes the performance of the speaker and truly achieves high-fidelity sound quality. In the end, the industrial design is perfectly combined with acoustic structure after being tested more than 50 times.

High Pitch From High-tech

We connected tweeters and full-range speakers commonly found in high-end car audio systems to the TreSound1. There are 2*1.25" silk film neodymium magnetic tweeters and 2*2.25" double neodymium magnetic full-range speakers, which are made by TRETTITRE to produce 360° surround sound.

These speakers have been greatly improved compared to ordinary tweeters and can be extended to 20kHz (+3db) based on the HiFi standards to achieve pinpoint imaging accuracy with extraordinary detail that delivers pure, natural and layered sound.

Uncompromising Vocal Performance

The mid-range is the key of 3-way speaker. It adopts 2*2.25" full-range speakers to convey key details such as vocals and to reduce the low frequency content of the tweeter and reduce the overall distortion of the three frequency division. This produces a superior transient response, so the sound is more transparent and clear. The result? An accurate and immersive reproduction of your favourite music.

Size-defying Bass
We expect the bass to be booming. Therefore, our engineers thickened and widened the foam edge from a standard of 5.25-inch speaker to 6.5-inch speaker after 3 years of experimentation. In addition, we used a 2-layer compound paper cone to improve the low frequencies. The long-stroke diaphragm coupled with the powerful drive deliver low frequencies at an astonishing 38Hz, which ensures powerful and immediate bass reproduction, immersing you in deep and rich sound.
Tuned. Honed. Perfected.
The compliant transition of high, medium and low frequencies is a great achievement for TreSound1. This is not only dependent on the quality of the speakers, speaker design and installation technology, but also requires careful calibration. Fortunately, TRETTITRE tuners have nearly 40 years of HiFi tuning experience, ensuring perfect performance.

Putting the user first, the switch, Bluetooth indicator light, and volume controls are all integrated in the peak.

The same control turns the speaker on and then adjusts the volume while
the Bluetooth signal light indicates a stable connection.
All operations are designed to be intuitive and natural.

Wise Control

TreSound1 supports Qualcomm CSR aptX Bluetooth 5.1 connection technology, which can quickly and stably transmit 24bit/96kHz high-fidelity audio, breaking the last constraints of traditional HiFi speakers.

*in addition, still supports a 3.5mm audio cable connection.

Free of Wires

The soft LED light is paired with the music and accentuates the environment.

A smart ambient light design with a soft LED strip embedded at the bottom produces just enough light to alleviate the dark.

Sound Looks Beautiful

We drew from the three mountain types in our design. The metal and wooden cabinets use a piano baking varnish craft for more than 100 layers to produce a beautiful speaker which can be integrated into multiple environments.

TreSound1_Snow Peak

TreSound1_Majestic Mountain

TreSound1_Green hill