Majestic Mountain

The majestic mountains have various ravines, which appear ancient and mysterious under the bright starry sky. TRETTITRE is based in tradition and reaches to the future.

Snow Peak

Climbing snow-capped peaks challenges the limitations of human beings. The higher we climb producing a thrilling excitement. TreSound1 is like climbing a mountain and reaching the top.

TreSound1_Green Hill

The green hills, the lush trees, and the top of the mountain surrounded by clouds and mist are awe inspiring. Explore the soundscape. Discover the beauty of sound.
3-Way Speaker Design

Drawing from more than 30 years of HiFi speaker experience from acoustic engineers, we applied HiFi speaker technology to TreSound1. The speaker structure adopts a 3-way speaker design with 2.1 channel speaker system. In the cabinet, we isolate the high frequency, mid frequency and low frequency into three compartments, and use the bass reflex design to avoid sound wave attenuation and acoustic short circuit. It also maximizes the performance of the speaker and truly achieves high-fidelity sound quality. In the end, the industrial design is perfectly combined with acoustic structure after being tested more than 50 times.

Size-defying Bass

We expect the bass to be booming. Therefore, our engineers thickened and widened the foam edge from a standard of 5.25-inch speaker to 6.5-inch speaker after 3 years of experimentation. In addition, we used a 2-layer compound paper cone to improve the low frequencies. The long-stroke diaphragm coupled with the powerful drive deliver low frequencies at an astonishing 20Hz, which ensures powerful and immediate bass reproduction, immersing you in deep and rich sound.

Beyond nostalgia, a truth resonates.
Seamless Operation
Flopping open and slapping closed was the standard operation of CD players and provided an opportunity for a sleeker cleaner design. Therefore, the upper cover smoothly rotates to open and close, secured by a clean magnetic click. The upper cover opens completely to provide full access. It is novel yet intuitive and natural.
Bring in the Bauhaus.

Inspired by the volume control knob and CD disc, the minimalistic volume scale is displayed on the surface of the CD player, pure simplicity.

Music and just music is our destination.

Eliminate Complexity With Simplicity

Every function and every control is designed with the singular purpose of delivering the music to you how the artist intended, pure perception. Remove cumbersome and overly complex functions that stand in the way and complicate things. Let users simply play and experience the music.


Design & Innovation

TRETTITRE has been exploring on the road of innovation, giving products the vitality of design innovation, and will always quietly accompany mankind to the beautiful years of the future.Satisfy your pursuit of better sound quality.

Rediscover your vinyl collection.
Re-ignite your passion for music with a turntable that offers elegant design and exceptional performance.
The Spirit of TRETTITRE

TRETTITRE is an emerging speaker brand dedicated to the new generation of HiFi. Building on traditional HiFi's sound quality and craftsmanship, it is based in tradition and reaching into the future.

Truly Amazing Sound
With TRETTITRE speakers you can listen very loud. You can turn up the volume even more and the sound does not get harsh or aggressive. Even at extreme volumes every-thing remains clear, pure and totally undistorted. The typical buzzing in one's ears – you get when playing too high – does not occur. On the contrary: you will find yourself cranking up more often than you used to, because it is simply so much more fun with TRETTITRE speakers.