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We’re about to review the Tresound 1 HiFi Bluetooth Speaker. This isn’t just a clear, studio-quality speaker
Review of the Trettitre Tresound 1 HiFi Bluetooth Speaker

When most people think of Bluetooth speakers, they don’t think of top-tier audio quality. We think of these speakers as quick, on-the-go solutions for our audio needs. They’re great for your backyard barbecue or your next camping trip. But would you really want to use one as your primary home audio system?

Beautiful speaker that delivers equally beautiful audio quality.
Trettitre TreSound1 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Tired of all speakers looking alike, no matter how they sound? With the Trettitre TreSound1 Bluetooth Speaker, not only does the audio make a statement, but the speaker isn’t your usual black or gray box. Instead, it’s the most polished mountain you’ll ever see. While this conical speaker promises incredible sound to go with the sophisticated look, does it deliver? I recently had the chance to find out.


aptX is a proven technology that compresses and then decompresses audio as it travels from a source device like a phone, to a receiving device like a wireless speaker, in a way that it can be transmitted over Bluetooth without damaging the quality. This ensures that you get the very most from your audio.
TRETTITRE is an emerging speaker brand dedicated to the new generation of HiFi. Building on traditional HiFi's sound quality and craftsmanship, it is based in tradition and reaching into the future.