TreSound1_Green Hill

TreSound1_Green Hill

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  • TWS pairing & 360° surround sound.
  • 3-way speaker design & completely separate acoustic structure.
  • Wood & aluminum alloy cabinet with the perfect piano paint finish.
  • 1.25" silk film tweeter x1 + 2.75" midrange speaker x1 + 5.25" subwoofer x1.
  • Bluetooth 5.3 with dual DSP decoding.
  • Model: TreSound1
  • Input: DC 24V 2.7A
  • Output Power: 2x20W + 1x30W
  • Tweeter: 1.25" 25-core silk film tweeter x1
  • Mid-Range: 2.75" mid-range speaker x1
  • Subwoofer: 5.25" subwoofer x1
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz ~ 20KHz (±3dB)
  • SNR: 85dB
  • THD: <5%
  • Sound Direction: 360° surround sound
  • TWS Pairing: 1+1
  • Bluetooth: 5.3
  • AUX Port: 3.5mm audio interface
  • Size: 300×300×430mm
  • Material: wood + metal
  • Net Weight: 6kg


TreSound1 3-Way HiFi Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Meets Form

Inspiration comes from the mountains as reflected in the design's shape and ability to call the soul. The mountain design includes tweeters and full-range speakers to ensure the sound quality and avoid reflections. The large volume of the valley provides enough space for the booming woofers. The mountain design fits the principles of speaker design.

In Harmony With The Origin of Sound

Plastic is not used because it is the enemy of high fidelity sound. It is good wood that makes good sound. TRETTITRE's team of craftsmen have, for over 50 years, sourced high-density wood from the Nordic mountains, carefully selecting it to meet the standards of HiFi acoustic chamber design. Elegant yet inviting, this is the experience we strive to achieve.

Handmade Wood Cabinet

Wood and lacquer technology are the perfect combination and is the choice for high end pianos. The cabinet has undergone a total of 4 piano paint processes. After polished 13 times, it develops a jade like texture. Finally, it is fully assembled and after more than 100 processes, it becomes a work of art.

Mesmerizing & Unique Finish
The top knob and network are made of aluminum alloy, using CNC integrated molding and supplemented by oxidation process to generate a smooth texture and rich luster. This results in a presentation of artistic colors and sleek design to bring out the natural qualities of metal and wood in complementary unison. Simultaneously, this prevents distortion and has superior acoustic characteristics.

3-Way Speaker Design

Hi-Fi Speaker Design Philosophy

TreSound1 structure adopts a 3-way speaker design. In the cabinet, we isolate the high frequency, mid frequency and low frequency into three compartments, and use the bass reflex design to avoid sound wave attenuation and acoustic short circuit. It also maximizes the performance of the speaker and truly achieves high-fidelity sound quality.

TTT© Acoustic Structure

The cone-shaped guiding structure is like a diffusing sound wave,
efficiently spreading high-frequency and mid-low-frequency sound waves 360° all around.

Unparalleled 360° Surround Sound

The secret of the 360° surround sound range is hidden in the peak of TreSound1. When the music is played, the sound, like light, is emitted in all directions.Transparent treble and full vocals flow in all directions to create a soundscape around you for total immersion in stereo sound.

Tuned. Honed. Perfected.
The compliant transition of high, medium and low frequencies is a great achievement for TreSound1. This is not only dependent on the quality of the speakers, speaker design and installation technology, but also requires careful calibration. Fortunately, TRETTITRE tuners have nearly 40 years of HiFi tuning experience, ensuring perfect performance.
Size-defying Bass
We expect the bass to be booming. Therefore, our engineers thickened and widened the foam edge from a standard of 5.25-inch speaker to 6.5-inch speaker after 3 years of experimentation. In addition, we used a 2-layer compound paper cone to improve the low frequencies. The long-stroke diaphragm coupled with the powerful drive deliver low frequencies at an astonishing 38Hz, which ensures powerful and immediate bass reproduction, immersing you in deep and rich sound.

TWS Stereo Pairing

Two devices can be paired into TWS left and right channel stereo,
instantly expanding a wider soundstage and creating an even more immersive audio experience,
allowing you to experience being in a live music scene.

Bluetooth 5.3

The sound signal is transmitted stably and efficiently under the new Bluetooth 5.3 protocol,
and with the hardware addition of dual DSP decoding, it can ensure accurate sound quality output.

*in addition, still supports a 3.5mm audio cable connection.

Wise Control

Putting the user first, the switch, Bluetooth indicator light, and volume controls are all integrated in the peak. The same control turns the speaker on and then adjusts the volume while the Bluetooth signal light indicates a stable connection.
All operations are designed to be intuitive and natural.

Art Is Everything
The soft LED light is paired with the music and accentuates the environment.A smart ambient light design with a soft LED strip embedded at the bottom produces just enough light to alleviate the dark.
Snow Peak

Climbing snow-capped peaks challenges the limitations of human beings. The higher we climb producing a thrilling excitement. TreSound1 is like climbing a mountain and reaching the top.

Majestic Mountain

The majestic mountains have various ravines, which appear ancient and mysterious under the bright starry sky. TRETTITRE is based in tradition and reaches to the future.

Green Hill

The green hills, the lush trees, and the top of the mountain surrounded by clouds and mist are awe inspiring. Explore the soundscape. Discover the beauty of sound.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Roberto S
The freedom to relax on a verdant hill with your favorite music

I have been looking for a speaker that was simple, with bluetooth, minimal and with a nice design and excellent audio quality for a long time, but I have always failed in my searches, finding only products full of compromises and literally boring and horrendous black boxes design.
But then at a certain point I started seeing photos and videos of a very special speaker with subwoofer, the beautiful TRETTITRE TREsound1.
I immediately fell in love with it, an exquisite design that recalls a beautiful mountain in a beautiful landscape, the detachment between the colored lacquered wood parts and the finely worked metal parts is amazing. After watching some videos and gathering some more information, I decided to buy it giving to myself this wonderful gift.

As soon as it arrived I found myself in front of a true work of art, seeing it live is even better and it fits perfectly in my room. The Tresound1 was liked by all the people I showed it to, a design that I had never seen, so beautiful and well-finished. The “green hill” green color is beautiful, both because in the shade it remains very dark, almost black, while as soon as there is more light, the shades of an elegant and pleasant forest green begin to appear. The gold-colored metal parts are by no means tacky but really delicate, very elegant and well-finished, it has the color of champagne other than an “ugly fake gold color” that other cheap products in the market have.
This is really a product that proves its value even when turned off and must be put on display in the room, compared to other bluetooth spreakers that are better to store them hidden under the bed.
Although the product is large enough for being bluetooth speaker, it does not invade the environment. On the contrary, it embellishes it and becomes the highlight of the entire room.
I love that it's a 360° speaker, because I can move to various places in the room while keeping the sound coming from it in a very uniform way, unlike mono/stereo directional speakers that need to be in front for optimal diffusion and lack totally a good all around diffusion of the music in the room.
The upper knob is beautiful and made of quality, it allows the ON/OFF switch and the volume level at the same time without putting additional buttons, it would have been interesting perhaps that the part of the light above was a touch to play / pause for the music being played, but in the end it's not that important. The ambient light that comes from under the speaker is beautiful and it goes around all the bottom part as a light ring, and listening to music with the room bulb off but the TREsound1 LEDs on, creates a wonderful relaxing atmosphere.

Now let's talk about the sound of this fantastic product, the bass is powerful and full-bodied, everything is perceived easily. The mids and highs are beautiful, crystal clear and can be heard in a very well defined way. Usually other bluetooth speakers either don't have much bass or have so much bass that they mix everything and you can't understand anything in the rest of the frequencies, while the TRETTITRE amply demonstrates a very high quality and a care in every part of the really high-level sound. So much, that finally a speaker gives me goosebumps from the emotion of listening to music.
At my parents' house we also have a very respectable and complete stereo system, with players for CDs, cassettes, vinyl, equalizer, amplifier and high quality stereo speakers, but it has never given me the sensations that the TREsound1 give.

I also bought the TRETTITRE cd player on Amazon, an excellent cd player with bluetooth connection, a wonderful design and even the small player is of a high standard quality and sound. It connects instantly to the TREsound1 speaker and allows me to listen to all my music cd records in the highest quality.

The defects? in the end it doesn't have any, maybe being able to have a bluetooth that allows you to connect two at the same time would be interesting, even if having that 360° sound in the end you don't need two speakers and then there is also the TresoundMini that already allows this “twin configuration”. Yes, the little light at the top of the tip could have been a touch button at least to manage the play/pause of the music, but I have the CD player or the phone close at hand, it makes no sense to have to get up or go near the speaker to manage the reproduction of songs, today it is all done from the source.

I rate it 5 full stars, I would gladly buy it again and I have already bought even 3 Trettitre CD players for myself and to give as gifts to loved ones.
I would really like to also try the TREsoundMini which now I think could be excellent for the summer, relaxing in the garden or while dining outdoors, the TREsoundMini can be carried and placed everywhere, i think it would be great.

ek yong heng
Beauty with a whole lot of Substance

I was recently introduced to Trettitre by a friend who lives in a tiny village in the jungles of northern Thailand. I have never heard of Trettitre before then.

I was understandingly skeptical initially. A single piece of beautiful sculptural Art cannot possibly project much sound and power in the outdoors, especially with the added limitation of the sporadic availability of wifi in the isolated village. Let's say I was happily beyond stunned.

We were treated to an ad hoc porporri playlist of local Thai folk music, European classics from the turn of the 19th century, the latest hip hop rhythms, familiar pop tunes from the 80s to 2020s, electronic dance mixes, and finally to the shrills of the infamous Florence Jenkins. The crowd was a celebration of young and very old, mostly Thai villagers who have little contact to the world at large. We were all dancing and moving to the mish mash eclectic mix of music and sound, oblivious to the impossibility of such an unusual event in the middle of practically nowhere. Granted we were in the notoriously well known golden triangle, but the drug of choice energizing the crowd came from this oddly shaped pine tree cone shaped equipment I have never seen or heard of before.

When even Florence sounds good in the open air outdoors of a tropical jungle, I know this speaker is a special piece of equipment that transcends the ordinary speakers as we know it.

The minute I returned home to Kuala Lumpur, I started searching for "Trettitre" on google and found it. At first, it was not possible to buy from Malaysia but the online support help quickly offered assistance and I bought two for good measures, one for myself and another for a good friend whom I know will be just as blown away as I was.

I received both units, the black and the green ones, after an initial minor problem with delivery, and have been enjoying the extraordinary speakers ever since. Many friends are as impressed as I was, first by the aesthetics, then by the power of the surround sound regardless of where one is standing relative to the speakers.

Like me, no one here has ever heard of Trettitre until now.

Thank you to the team who came up with the design and the technical wonder of the "sculpture which happens to also sounds good".

I hope more people in the world would discover it. Such a beauty deserves to be shared.

Gratefully yours,
Heng Ek Yong

With reasonable expectations, you won't be disappointed

Love this elegant and luxury design! This speaker is so amazing!!! And clearly what I’ve been looking for! Good sound, quality and this has it all! I love my hifi speaker

Beautiful speaker with immersive sound

I love this speaker, it sounds phenomenal. Gets crazy loud and has bass that can shake walls.


Amazing sound and incredible clarity